After prayerfully considering your family’s needs for education, the first step in our admissions process is to complete an Application for Admissions. This form is sent via email to interested families and is also available on our website. The non-refundable application fee will be due upon submission of your student’s application



All necessary records and referrals (including immunization records or an Exemption Affidavit) will need to be obtained to move into the next phase of the admissions process. *If an Exemption Affidavit is being used, the original will need to be submitted to SCS prior to the first day of school. 



Following the submission of an application, you will be invited to schedule a family meeting.  The family meeting provides us with an opportunity to meet your family and to get to know one another better while discussing the compatibility of your family’s educational goals with SCS’s methods and philosophy.



After the family meeting and all records/referrals have been obtained, the SCS advisory panel will review your admissions application and communicate an admissions decision to you.



An enrollment form will be sent to you (pending the admissions decision) and the supply fee will be due upon submission. Each family will have a week from the date of the enrollment invitation to submit their enrollment packet.  Enrollment communicates your decision to accept our admissions offer and officially reserves a seat for the upcoming school year.


If at any time you need assistance during the application process, you may reach us via email at [email protected] or via phone at 512-500-7447.